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One day trip to Visegrad-Borike A1-75

One day trip to Visegrad-Borike 02-11 #A1-75 Spend a beautiful day in sight-seeing of the BIH monuments, and enjoy sights of nature. Walk on famous Vi

One day trip to Travnik A1-76

One-day trip to Travnik A1-76 The town that was 150 years Capital of the Ottoman province of Bosnia, residence of the 77 viziers, consulates… mu
25 €

One-day trip to Jajce A1-77

One Day Trip to Jajce  A1-77 The town that whispers history, keeps kings bones and defying the time. Every town has its own history, but one of the fe

Adventurous rafting tours Bosnia and Hercegovina A1-78

Adventurous rafting tours  Water resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina are perfect for rafting tours. A1-78 Location: Bosna and Hercegovina Price: 50€ &
50€ - 100€

Visit Kravice waterfalls and Mostar A1-79

ONE DAY TRIP TO MOSTAR A1-79 Visit one of the most interesting sights of nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Kravice waterfall, situated about 40km
35 €

Bosnia and Hercegovina Pyramid A1-80

Bosnia and Herzegovina might have a Pyramid The biggest controversy in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2006 is whether the pyramids really exist or not.